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22 Reviews



Giannis Vlachakis



Uniquement pour export


Tres professionnel ! Article tel que décris.. sur l annonce .. / je retournerais chez eux à l’avenir pour un prochain véhicule ☺️ À recommander !

Kostas Stagias

He buy and sell cars without checking. If you want to buy a car and you have time to fix some problems that you will find, is not problem. But if you want to buy a car and drive direct, it will not happen!!! I buy a car from him (fiat 500, 2017 with 73000km) and i drive back to Greece. I ask him more times if is everything ok with the car???!!! He said "i drive this car last week and there's no problems". So i believe him and begin my trip back to Greece from Belgium. After 1000km check engine light was blinked (P0420). Then clutch cable was broken in Italy. That means that i will pay more money that i saved buying from him, to fix the car. Plus all trouble in the road!!! Unfortunately i buy also another car from him and i am expecting similar problems when i will get it to Greece.

Marcin Z

Ich empfehle den Verkäufer netter Kontakt, hilfsbereite Person


I definitely do not recommend this seller - he sells complete junk and the customer service is below any expectations😒

michel Heroufosse



I asked to buy a car and he simply wouldnt listen to me or pay attention. He was only willing to sell it to someone who would take it to another country... Very strange

Alvaro ROJAS

Il n'as pas répondu a mes messages et quand je suis venu dans la boutique les conditions étaient différentes de l'annonce.