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Citroen Traction 11 BL Malle Plate Legere


Citroen Traction 11 BL Malle Plate Legere


€ 31.300,-

A discuter

3.000 km
41 kW 56 CH Boîte manuelle, Essence

P, Vendeur particulier

Vendeur particulier

75008 P

Citroen Traction 11 BL Malle Plate Legere
€ 31.300,-

Espace pour les notes:



Véhicule non fumeur


Couleur extérieure


Boîte manuelle
1.911 cm³
Type de moteur



Qualité certifiée par

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This excellent driving Citroen Traction Avant 11 BL Malle Plate Legere was manufactured on the 12th July 1951. Original Traction Avant Legere like this are becoming increasingly difficult to find&buy. In 1951, there were 25.344 Citroen Traction Avant 11 BL units produced, with production number series ranging from 556201 to 582200. This particular model is numbered with 569959. Production of 11 CV BL Malle Plate (with its spare wheel on the trunk) and with the front and rear bumpers \\"moustache\\" ended in July 1952. To further enhance the car we can confirm it does have matching numbers and is totally correct throughout its restoration landmarks.

This car presents incredibly well with a strong feel of originality. It went through a nuts and bolts restoration, being completely stripped down and restored, with additional processes (anti-corrosion treatment, extra soundproof isolation etc.) The paintwork offers a high quality finish, with superb, straight panels that are perfectly fitting. The bi-color finish gives the car an extra touch of style, making it a head turner. The body is totally rust and dent free, as is the underside of the vehicle. The engine bay presents in perfect condition, with a paintwork according to original. The interior is truly beautiful, with gorgeous and original leather and textile materials used to restore the seats. This principle applies also to its door panels. Also, the car comes with brand new, custom made, high quality carpets.

On the road the car is impressive. It starts instantly, has a fabulous stainless steel exhaust note and the engine is outstanding. It sounds, performs and runs superbly, it holds excellent oil pressure and the car is quick, responsive and offers a fabulous driving experience. It feels strong, fit, healthy, is ultra-reliable and has a relaxed feel until 90-100km/h. The three speed, \\"H\\" form, manual gearbox is effortless to use, and its smooth, quiet and delightful. The brakes are very sharp, it handles incredibly well and holds the road nicely. This Traction Avant comes with a comprehensive photography archive detailing all the operations that were made throughout the restoration process. Since its restoration, the car has been running proudly for almost 1000 kilometers (622 miles).

This Citroen offers a fabulous opportunity to acquire a LHD specification car that has that wonderful mix of originality and careful, detailed restoration and improvement. All the original optionals of the time have been added, with correct and matching numbers. The car also has a Heritage Certificate, signed by Citroen Conservatoire. This Traction Avant is a car ideal for long distance touring and regular use. It can be locked and let you stay hassle free of somebody getting into the car, it can go uphill without effort and can also go on the highway in the legal European interval ( 80-130 km/h ). This is a car made to get out in and really enjoy, it is incredibly good to drive and will not fail to disappoint on the road.

Regarding the modifications that have been made in order to be registered in Romania, it has been fitted with a rear white light, blinkers on the toggle switch, hazard lights at the push of the button, a modern clutch with diaphragm pressure plate and beneath the dashboard a 12V socket for different modern accessories. Seatbelts were not mandatory, therefore they are not installed. Regarding the road-experience, the electrical installation has been converted from 6V to 12V and an electronic startup has been installed. Also, whether strips have been mounted on the edges of the trunk and around the windows in order to prevent water infiltrations.

For viewings, the car is located in Bucharest, Romania. The easiest way of access is by airplane, with landing to Otopeni. From there I will wait you and have an almost 20 minute drive to the garage. Coffee on the house.
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75008 P

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